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Our name’s Cartoon, and that isn’t a coincidence. We face life with a certain coolness. We say Yes! to everything that’s fun and nice. Just because we like it. That’s reflected in the design of our collections and defines the way we communicate – relaxed and with a twinkle in our eye. Our customers have character. They are carefree by nature, with a casual approach to life. Why be perfect when being unique is so much more appealing! Amazing is the first lifestyle collection from Cartoon. The collection comprises blouses, shirts, sweats, jackets, coats, trousers and dresses. The mix of sports-inspired and feminine styles results in a relaxed, unemotional, refined casual look. The spotlight’s on dresses with daydream. They always go hand-in-hand with the “perfect date”! Little jackets, fine knits and the matching coat make the look and the outfit complete. #daily is responsible for the accessories – scarves, hats, clutches and plenty more, tempting you with those tiny touches that complete an outfit.